What is it like having an engagement shoot? Here you will find a brief walk-through of what it is like to have your engagement photos taken at
Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford, Connecticut.

Making you comfortable is my number one goal and philopsophy behind my work. This allows your truest selves to shine without thinking you “should” or “have” to be standing a certain way, acting a certain way or pretending you are something you are not.

I make silly comments, take interest in learning about your hobbies or work, respect your boundaries or insecurities, learn about you two as a couple and make it feel like we are just friends catching up.

I understand the awkwardness of being photographed. It is not natural for most people – so from the start, I give you a little breakdown of where we will be walking, how it will flow with my prompts, ask if there are any angles or sides you would prefer that I avoid and ask if there are any questions or anything that I should know.

Then we dive into the engagement shoot! Often times client describe our photoshoot as catching up with an old friend where time flies, laughter is had and it is just relaxed. I give directives and genuine compliments when appropriate, adjust you if needed and provide verbal confirmation that you are doing great. I love relationships and interpersonal dynamics so much and I really respect whatever it is you two have going on. I will not have you two dive into intimate or snuggly poses if you two are more of the laughing, reserved or private types. If your love languages are physical touch, you best believe you are touching everything! Well, not everything… keep it respectful, people! (Disclaimer: butt taps or squeezes are welcome/encouraged/demanded).

I have photographed newly engaged and marrying couples at Harkness so many times that I know the popular and hidden areas well. I also know the tips and tricks to assure we avoid crowds because, again, being photographing can have enough pressure already!

Check out my engagement shoot with these two cuties, Morganne + Antonio, at Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford, Connecticut, who I met moments before photographing in the parking lot and became completey enamored with their sweet, confident and cool dynamic.

Do you think you’d feel comfortable being photographed by me? I’d love to be your person. Reach out <3

About the author: Britt Hill is a wedding and elopement photographer that creates film inspired photographs for those that love some adventure, who live intentionally and for those looking to do things their way.

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